December 4, 1999 Hey this is Lt. Commander MerkMan updating the page
  • I removed my name from the roster because I was transferred to Chi as the XO.  Zeta's been great and I'd like to thank the squad for all the fun!  Thanks alot!
Thanks for the fun!
Lt. Commander MerkMan
November 27, 1999 Hey this is Lt. Commander MerkMan updating the page 
  •  I added Commander Mordrid to the roster, welcome to the squad!
  • Changed my rank from Lt. to Lt. Commander.
  • The Grand Admiral suggested I take off the construction signs and I'll be getting to that.
  • Anyone on the roster with N/A for Ethos or Profiles get them into me so I can post them. 
Thank you,
Lt. Commander MerkMan
March 5, 1999 Hey this is Lt. MerkMan updating the page 
  • I added the Zetamobile which I cooked up the other day and made to sections in the Misc. Tech section.  Check it out!  Also, we have some new R&D coming soon.                                                                     -Lt. MerkMan
February 28, 1999 Hey this is Lt. MerkMan updating the page 
    I added two new items to the Weapons page, the NR1 and the RG-47C.  That's about it.                                                                      -Lt. MerkMan
February 24, 1999 Hey, this is Lt. MerkMan, updating the page 
  • First, and most important, the site got moved to  Let's all thank James Renken and check out Sandwich.Net Internet Services, an excellent ISP.
  • I also changed my rank to Lt. and added Recruit Uplink to the roster. -Lt. MerkMan 
February 11, 1999 Hey, this is Lt. JG MerkMan, updating the page 
  • Added Commander Burdoo, Lt. Commander Wood, Lt. Junior Grade MerkMan (me) and Ensign Waddell to the roster.
  • Fixed all the links to the TRES page and directed them to the new site 
  • Also, we have a new Grand Admiral, Grand Admiral Davies.  That's why we have so many new Zeta Squadron members.                                    -Lt. JG MerkMan
January 1, 1999 Well, I finally found a little time to update the site the way I'd like to... 
  • Updated the site's content a little bit...

  • Fixed a few broken links. 
    Added some new toys to the list of items that Zeta "offers" that were cooked up by the Grand Admiral for story content. I should have pictures for these items shortly, but that may end up being put on hold as needed by work and personal projects (I'm working on some neat ones for Linux and Open Source Software which is about all I can say at this point...) 
August 30, 1998 Well, it's nearly a year later and not a lot has happened. I have but myself to blame for it. Suffice it to say, RL concerns overwhelmed all of us in Zeta this last year. Live and learn. 
  • Migrated the site to it's new home: URL( Of course, you know that if you're reading this. 

  • Reason for move: My impending move to a new position- I won't have admin access to the machine that Zeta's home pages used. 
Plans for work on the site: 
  • Actually doing some of the action items listed in the last update! 
November 24, 1997 Not a lot done at this point- I've been a little swamped with work and RL concerns. 
  • Removed references to Aris in the pages, since she resigned with some furor over the current Grand Admiral's behavior and conduct. It should be noted that the whole sordid affair in question is best left primarily forgotten save for ONE lesson that should be learned and remembered about how this all came to pass: 
  • "We need to communicate- not just about Jihad sorts of things."  
    In a nutshell, we don't seem to be doing that- and we keep commiting the gravest mis-mashes in communication between each other. We need to remember that there's people on the other end of that connection. We need to realize that some may think something is acceptable conduct and that they may not realize that they are offending you. 

    Well, enough said in this- off my soapbox for now... 

  • Added Jennifer Burdoo to the roster (Like I should have months ago- sorry Jennifer!) 
Plans for the next set of changes are: 
  • Getting at least some of the stuff I have in my inboxes that are approved HTML-ized. There's quite a lot of things skulking about in my work and home e-mail folders that I am going to start on. 
  • Non web related tasks: I plan on trying one last time to kick-start the vehicles description roundtable going. If we don't get some input soon, I'm going to assume there's no interest within TRES' ranks for coming up with their own transports and I'll simply ask Zeta to do the bulk of the work. 
August 19, 1997 
  • Added an official "spam" policy statement ahead of the roster and twisted the mailto: links with some obvious, but non-uniform invalid address data to hopefully foil spammer operated mail address mining apps. 
August 13, 1997 
  • Brought the new temporary Zeta Home pages site online. (Hey, if you're reading this, then you already know that one!)
  • Added a lot of under construction labels in the pages- I think this site's gonna go through a lot of rennovation in a moderate hurry as I dust off my HTML authoring skills and produce an awesome site hopefully without being overly bandwidth intensive.
  • Moved about a few things and removed a few un-needed links to things like the TARAVs (Zeta's started an initiative to produce a new transport technology(ies) for TRES at this point and having the clunky text-only pages in this site seemed to me to be redundant.
  • Added the new officers to the roster.
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