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Personal Weapons

The 'Puffer'

*PP-100m 'Puffer' Pulse Rifle

Caliber: 40 mm
Operation: Pulse-coil driven
Weight: 5.25 kg
Length: 920 mm
Feed: 50 round power pack
Rate of fire: Approx. 60 rounds per minute (decrease at higher power)
Muzzle velocity: 1075 m/s
Effective range: 100 m (varies at power level)

Nicknamed the 'Puffer' because distinct 'whooshing' sound made by firing, the PP-100m is best described as a miniature 'vortex cannon.' Upon firing, the field coils project a shockwave-shaped pulse of approximately .7 to 1.8 kilojoules (depending on the power level) into the firing chamber, where a vortex ring is generated with a kinetic energy of approximately 92% of the invested. This vortex ring is the expelled from the weapon at supersonic speeds, moving nearly frictionlessly, where, upon impact, the kinetic energy of the ring is spilled into the target, stunning/terminating said target. Though meant originally as a weapon of incapacitation, further research has proven that upper-range power levels can cause considerable damage to 'soft targets.'

The 'Autochunker'

DM-30x4 30mm 'Autochunker' grenade launcher

Caliber: 30 mm, 4 barrels
Operation: Electric motor-driven
Weight: 34.2 kg
Length: 950 mm
Feed: 400 rounds, belt-fed
Rate of fire: approx. 350 r/m
Muzzle velocity: 77.2 m/s
Effective range: approx 510 m

The DM-30x4 grenade launcher utilizes the same basic load/fire system as the General Electric M134 Minigun, scaled up to accomodate the four 30mm barrels. The weapon utilizes a high explosive 30mm grenade, which it is capable of spewing out in a visible stream at approximately 350 r/m. Although and expert of such older weapons as the M79 'Blooper' may be able to accurately place rounds on a specific target, the DM-30x4 is built more for raw destruction.


'RG-47' Personal Railgun

Dimensions: 1.05m l x .35m w x .4m h
Weight: 25kg
Ammo: clips of 50, 1kg each
Powerpack: 5kg, fits in back of rifle, good for 100 discharges

  • Kevlar[tm] fibre carrying strap
  • Power Scope[tm]
  • Resolves images to 50km distance
  • System converts most the EM spectrum to visible light
  • The RG-47 is a railgun rifle designed for infantry usage. The weapon's distinctive dual slug clip, similar to that of the Chinese AK-47, lent itself to the second half of the weapon's name. Intended primarly for unarmored-to-armored ranged combat, the RG-47 is not a weapon of subtlety. Ear protection is strongly recommended as the slug's supersonic muzzle velocity creates a powerful boom. In addition, the shimmering, glowing trail left by the slug tends to allow enemies to determine your location easily.

    To the weapon's benefit, its range is line-of-sight and comes equipped with a Power Scope for long distance shooting. As well, its fire is effectively "instant on" meaning that an opponent in the crosshairs has no effective way to avoid the projectile.

    There remains two subjective "disadvantages" to this weapon:

  • The weapon requires 1 full second to prime between discharges. Some wish for a faster fire rate, others take pride in their targetting ability and the clean, professional kill.[1][2]
  • Due to the slug's high kinetic energy, it tends to punch large holes through everything in its linear path. This can be of particular disadvantage should a friend be standing immediately behind an enemy, or a boon if multiple enemies line up nicely for you.
  • [1] In the sense of skill, not corpses, which tend to resemble a Spin-Art[tm] painting.
    [2] The RG-47 is useful, though many would say obscenely excessive, for sniping and assassinations.

    'Needle Rifle (NR1)'
    No picture yet

    Dimensions: 1.1m l x .1m w x .3m h
    Weight: 5 kg
    Clips: 25
            Standard range: 50m
            Stealth range: 120m
    Compress air: 50 shots


    - auto-compression module: eliminates the need to carry compressed air but requires 8 seconds priming between shots.
    - Super Scope[tm]: useful for assassinations and precision shots
    - Kevlar-fibre shoulder strap
    - Architect's tube: mimics the standard containers for blue prints and neatly stores a fully disassembled rifle.
    - Silencer: reduces the "pop" of needle discharge to whisper levels

    New from Zeta Labs, the NR1 is a deadly weapon designed exclusively for stealth combat and infiltrartion operations.  As the name suggests, this light-weight rifle uses compressed air to propel thin, rigid needles at an
    enemy with high velocity.  The needles are typically loaded with a deadly neuro-toxin.  Curare
    is the most common compounded used as, after refinement, it causes death in the target before the brain registers the needle's impact.  Of additional advantage is that the compound breaks down within 15 minutes of injection, leaving autopsists vanely searching for a cause of death.  There are two releases of needles.  The first, thicker and sturdier, can penetrate several layers of heavy clothing to deliver its payload.
    However, its range is shorter and can be discovered on the victim's body.  The second release is thinner, cannot penetrate more than one layer of heavy clothing, but dissolves several minutes after exposure to air or
    bodily tissues.  Its range it greater than standard issue, but due to special packaging requirements, contains the same number in a clip.  Personnel should exercises extreme caution with the NR1 as no one (or their friends) gets a chance to learn from their mistakes.

    The NR1 can be easily disassembled and reassembled for smuggling through customs or security checkpoints.

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