Phobos' Ethos

I have always found B&F as an uneducational tool for advertising. I have always
believed that it is simply a way of making money for the producers, while I have no
problem with making a living, it should be done in a way that is not simply taking
advantage of children's young and flexible minds. For instance the advertising on the
show, and the lack of realism give the young children a misguided view of society.

Why I Joined The Jihad

I was actually searching using a search engine in the summer of '98 (winter in the US)
when I found a story written by a TRES Corps member. After reading all 7 parts of it I
endeavoured to find out more about this TRES Corps. I eventually found the TRES
homepage, and read the FAQ, and then thought, "Why not write stories for a worthwile
cause." (or something along those lines). In my application I said that I liked R&D and
story writing. I was accepted and posted to Zeta squad.