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    The Zetamobile has an 800 CC, liquid cooled engine.  It has a
longtrack for mountain riding and studs (small metal things that give it
better handling) on the track.  It also has seeker missles in the
taillight, running boards and under the skis.  It has laser guns on the
bottom of the hood and under the taillight.  It has grenade cannons in
the hood and on hte back of the seat.  Also, in the taillight there are
nitro boosters and smoke bombs.  It also has an ejection seat and a
self-destruct button.  It has a two way video-breifing on the

Weight: 529 lbs.
Looks: For something that kind of resembles it, go here
Operating temp: best when cold, but it will work wherever snow is
Science: Well, umm, it's a snowmobile, it runs on a track over snow and
open water.  It runs on skis.
Range of operation: Anywhere, as long as it's not to hot.
Battery charge: It can go quite a way on a regular snowmobile battery.

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