JPR Profile for Commander Burdoo

Name:  Jennifer A. Burdoo

Position:  Commander, TRES Corps, Zeta Squad

Species'n'stuff:  100% human and completely normal except for the fact
that she occasionally goes insane.

Age:  About 22.

Appearance:  5'1", about 100 pounds, skinny, short brown hair, brown eyes,
glasses. Usually wears uniform w/ sidearms while on duty, shorts and
T-shirt otherwise.

Skills:  Has basic weapons training, but is too light to fire anything
over the size of a pistol unless it's mounted. Can drive and fly but is
hideously incompetent at both, having no license and little experience. Is
currently barred from driving TRES Corps vehicles due to a recent incident
in which she inadvertantly broke through HQ's supposedly impregnable
perimeter wall with a TARAV. Has a wild imagination (the reason for her
assignment to Zeta), but hasn't designed much yet other than the _Templar_
space shuttle, all of whose uncompleted prototypes have been pressed into
service with the TRES Corps Space Fleet. Also has a good grasp of
elementary tactics.

Quirks:  Goes temporarily insane on occasion. This usually happens when
she's in a tough spot. During episodes, she knows what she's doing but
can't control her impulses. This makes her difficult to be around at times
and a problematic soldier -- she'll disobey orders or do more than she has
to, sometimes both at once.

Personality:  Friendly but weird. Likes folk music, mostly Celtic stuff
like bagpipes -- she'll sing in public if she thinks no one's listening.
Makes a lot of bad wisecracks. It takes a while to get used to her, but
she's really a good kid at heart.