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Height: 2.7m
Weight: 1200kg
Color: Uniform Matte Black
Primary Weapon: RG-47A
        ammo: clips of 500 slugs
        prime rate: .7 seconds
        range: line-of-sight

Secondary Weapons:
        - quad machine guns, chain fed, 1000 bullet clips

Choice of one of the following:

- X-Rifle[tm] module, as per its R&D sheet
- W-Rifle[tm] module, as per its R&D sheet
- Z-Rifle[tm] module, as per its R&D sheet
- Rocket Launcher, 20 rocket pack

- 47Cs have 200% of the foot area of like-class armors.
- Drop-down leg braces from the armor's lower legs and ankles provide additional stability during
extended fire, but reduce movement to 10% normal until retracted.
- Forearms are equipped with razor-edged angles for anti-personnel usage
- Super Scope[tm] technology provides the unit with a much higher definition of its environment.
As a result, pilots who are paying attention are much harder to surprise or surround.

The RG-47C is two pieces of R&D released as one.  Original installation of the RG-47A weapon into a "RG-47B"
suit of heavy BattleArmor required such extensive modifications that researchers decided to release the armor
and weapon as an integrated unit.  There are several major advantages to this design.  The unique hip/torso
mount utilize the armor's inertia to permit higher muzzle velocities and heavier slugs.  As well, the traditional
armor sensory system has been replaced with Super Scope[tm] technology to permit much more accurate
movement and targetting.  Direct usage of the suit's power eliminates the need for power clips, permits more
ammo storage, and shortens the priming cycle.  Disadvantageously, the RG-47C has 80% of the normal armor
given to a heavy or assault class armor suit.  Refined servomotors and actuators occupy the additional space,
and permit a 25% increase in movement and 30% increase in reaction time. Similarly, the 47Cs are capable of
fine-tuned motor skills and actions unavailable to all other armors.  Somewhat controversially, researchers also
dropped another 5% of the suit's usual armor load to install stealth and EM absorption technologies.  At
distances greater than 100m, stationary 47Cs are 99% undetectable via standard sensory systems.  During
normal, non-disruptive movement, 47Cs are 75% unlikely to be distinct from the terrain or background EM
radiation.  Obvious exceptions to this are weapons fire, disrupting the terrain (knocking a tree over, etc.),
running, or human eye contact with the units.

As with all BattleArmor, the 47C is a self-contained environment, operable in all but the most hostile
environments, and power bu on-board fusion reactions.

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