Zeta is the research, development and production-oriented arm of TRES Corps, distinct in its nature from other squadrons inside of TRES Corps.

Our purpose is to be a think-tank for clever ideas for gagetry to be used in story lines, development of specialized internet resources for TRES Corps, and an editorial resource for technical content for the add-on stories produced in the newsgroup, alt.barney.dinosaur.die.die.die.

A common misconception is that TRES Corps members must be in Zeta to produce R&D. This is not the case, rather those who are in this squad are specializing in R&D and anyone may contribute ideas and designs.

In general, acceptable ideas follow one of these catergories:

They must also conform to the following: The description of the device(s) submitted for review should have all or at least most of the following to aid in the evaluation of an idea: We also accept un-fleshed out ideas that don't meet the above criteria- Zeta views these as requests for research. Our officers will mull over the merits of the idea and will attempt to fill in the rest of the holes if the idea appears to hold merit.

The governing principle of all R&D produced by Zeta is its reasonableness, or non-cheddary/non-munchkinish quality. All submissions are subjected to editorial scrutiny by the acting CO & XO of Zeta, using the above criteria as the basic guidelines for giving a "go/no-go" decision on the submission. If it is editorially approved, it is subject to final approval by the acting Grand Admiral of TRES Corps. After final approval, the submission is usually announced on the newsgroup alt.barney.dinosaur.die.die.die by the individual (or individuals) responsible for the design and is eventually added to the HTML pages covering our designs.

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